Add an additional layer of security.

Minimising human contact with effortless user management.

Add an additional layer of security with an intercom system. LTS intercom system supports remote management via mobile devices,and can be integrated easily and compatible with a Network Video Recorder (NVR) and IP Cameras.
LTS Intercom is a modular system, providing customised installations for anything from a single residential dwelling, to a multi-level apartment buildings.

All variants come a touch screen, where you can view, talk to visitors in real time, review missed call history, browse through snap shots taken by the outdoor station. All configurations are compatible with an LTS video surveillance system, where you can view up to 16 IP cameras from the indoor station.

Using the LTS Connect App, you can live view and talk with your visitors on your mobile phone when you are not physically in the building and open or lock doors remotely.

Access control

Serves a critical role for managing access to restricted areas. Add a layer of automation and security with:
access control
strong room


Grant access at the right time, to the right person, with the right credentials, with a number of electrical and magnetic locks.
A1 Security Solutions are highly experienced in access control integration. From pedestrian gate access to high-risk custom strong rooms and safe rooms.

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