Protect and secure your home or business with A1S Integrated Security Systems. We will customise a system to meet your requirements

At A1 Security Solutions, we offer tailored integrated security systems to protect homes and businesses alike. Our range spans from the Bosch alarm panel series and AX PRO wireless Alarm System for smaller applications, to advanced Inception and Integriti systems for larger establishments. With innovative features such as precision detectors, IP cameras, access control, and automation, our solutions ensure comprehensive security. Paired with robust customer support and a 3-year parts warranty, we are your trusted partner for all your security needs.

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With A1 Security Solutions, experience industry-leading, integrated security systems. Don’t leave your safety to chance. Invest in your peace of mind now. Contact us for a free consultation.



The Bosch alarm panel series offers the perfect solution for small to medium applications. With motion detectors generating alarms using advanced signal processing to combat those false alarms.

Enjoy easy control with wireless key fobs to arm & disarm your system, control outputs (like roller doors) and trigger panic alarms at the push of a button. Set the system in STAY mode (for when you are staying inside but want to secure the perimeter, giving you and your family complete peace of mind when needed.

Bosch are a leader in detection devices, with excellent catch  performance at the highest level. Using:

  • First step processing technology
  • Dynamic temperature compensation
  • Microwave Noise Adaptive processing
  • Cloak and camouflage Detection Technology
  • Selectable Pet Immunity

With 3-year part Warranty, The Bosch Security System is a favourite for installers and users for small to medium applications.


Your flexible and easy-to-use system with no wires. The AX PRO wireless Alarm System features precise detection and comprehensive protection, the ideal security solution for homes, offices, shops and any environment that requires permanent or temporary security. The all-in-one ecosystem provides alarm, CCTV and intercom all from a convenient free mobile application. Things have never been so easy with an AX PRO security alarm system.

Multi-dimensional detection devices for all-round protection are available, which include:

  • Curtain Detector
  • Magnetic Door/Window Detector
  • Glass Break Detector
  • Panic Buttons
  • Environment Detector
  • Audible Sounders


Receive visible alarms with photo’s sent to your mobile device to verify and take action with:

  • Wireless PIRCAM Detector
     When this device is triggered, up to 20 photos’ will be sent to your phone. 
  • Wireless Trip Signal Detector
     This external detector can effectively pick up intruders prior to entry of property. (With optional camera module for visual verification) 
  • CCTV Integration
     Expand your protection with IP Cameras all in the one system
Connect an intercom system for effortless communication and access control. Hikvision’s modular intercom products gives flexible expansion capabilities. Hikvision eco system connects to a 10” Android tablet, which is an open platform for 3rd party software integration. Control your alarm, view cameras around your property and answer your front gate intercom, all from the Hikvision 10” wall mountable tablet.

Protect What Matters Most

Our advanced security systems are designed to protect what matters most to you. Take a step forward in securing your home or business. Reach out to us for a custom solution today.


inception logo

Inception is an integrated access control and security alarm system, perfect for medium to large applications. With a free user-friendly web interface, for any business wanting full control of their operation anywhere, anytime. Conveniently use any computer, tablet or mobile device and take advantage of an easy self-managed system without blowing the budget.

Key Features

  • Security Alarm & Intruder Detection
  • Access Control
  • Automation features
  • Multiple Devices via web interface
  • Access history reports
  • Time on site reports
  • Integration capabilities


Why Inception?

  • Unified intrusion & Access system
  • No software to install
  • No software licence costs
  • Accessible from any device
  • Push notifications
integriti solutions

The state-of-the-art Integrated solution for medium to large applications, Proven around the world for its advanced functionality and reliability. With industry leading enterprise features, specifically developed to ensure a simple and intuitive experience. Integriti’s scalable and modular design allows for future expansion for growing businesses, wishing to maximise investments with an intelligent building system. The Integriti ecosystem provides improvements in security, operational efficiency and situational awareness for you and your business.

Key Features

  • Security Alarm, Intruder Detection & Access Control
  • Advanced Automation Features
  • Ensure compliance with business policies and government regulations
  • Respond to emergency situations, lockdowns and alerts
  • Custom Muster, User and Attendance reports
  • Manage WHS liability with access control permissions
  • Self-Manage Entire Operation

Why Integriti?

  • Modular, Scalable & Custom Design
  • Effortless User Management
  • No annual licence fees
  • Integrates for building automation
  • Cyber Security Certified Encryption


At A1 Security Solutions, our expertise extends beyond just setting up new systems – we are also specialists in system migration. Whether you’re upgrading your current security infrastructure or transitioning from a different provider, our experienced team ensures a smooth, seamless transition. We carefully migrate your existing configurations, data, and preferences to your new system, minimizing disruption and maintaining the integrity of your security setup. Trust us to handle your system migration with proficiency and meticulous care.

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With A1 Security Solutions, upgrade to a security system that’s robust, reliable, and tailored to your needs. Don’t wait. Upgrade your security today. Get in touch with our experts now.
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