At A1 Security Solutions, we provide 24/7 back to base monitoring services to notify you the moment your premises is compromised. We offer a Grade A1 Control Room that is the platinum standard in the industry, as defined by the Australian Standard AS2201.

We have a dedicated response team to assess the situation and take necessary action to secure your premises.
back to base monitoring

How it works?

Monitoring plans often vary based on the level of service and the frequency with which the security system is checked or “polled” for any anomalies. Your alarm communicates via phone line, fixed internet connection or over cellular networks.

Some benefits of back to base monitoring:

24/7 Vigilance

Our back-to-base security alarm monitoring ensures round-the-clock protection. Our dedicated team is always on alert, ready to respond to any potential threats.

Rapid Response

In the event of an alarm trigger, our professional monitoring team acts swiftly to assess the situation. With our state-of-the-art technology, we can identify false alarms and dispatch emergency services promptly when needed, minimizing response times and maximizing your safety.

Video Analytics and Verification

Our advanced video analytics and verification systems provide an extra layer of intelligence to your security. With real-time video monitoring, you can remotely check in on your property at any time, allowing our response team to action verified threats, which reduce those late-night false alarm calls.

Intelligent Incident Verification

No more false alarms or unnecessary panic. Our video analytics intelligently verify incidents, reducing false alarms and increasing the accuracy of our response. With real-time video monitoring our team can dispatch emergency services only when necessary, preventing unnecessary disruptions throughout the day and night.

Protect your Business Today

Since 1985, A1 Security Solutions has offered premium services tailored to your needs. 


Video Verification

 Video Verification is our intelligent solution for asset protection. Providing remote, non-contact inspection and detection. Reducing guard call-out fees and false activations. This is the ultimate security solution to capture an event before it has happened. Secure your property with A.I driven analytics.

 Video Verification has been our most popular monitoring application which is saving our customers money on unnecessary patrol guard call outs.

Considerations for Choosing a Plan:

The choice of a monitoring plan depends on various factors, including the level of security required and the nature of the premises (residential vs. commercial)

  • Businesses or high-security environments may opt for plans with more frequent polling or real-time monitoring to ensure immediate response to any incidents.
  • Residential properties with lower security needs may find plans with less frequent polling sufficient, balancing security with cost-effectiveness.
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Transparent Pricing No Hidden Costs

At A1S, transparency is key. Our pricing is straightforward, with no hidden fees or surprise charges. You’ll know exactly what you’re paying for, ensuring you get the best value for your investment. We also offer Direct Debit options which saves you time and money by automating payments, allowing us to offer you better prices and improved services. Enjoy the convenience and cost savings!

How to Get Started

Getting started with back-to-base security alarm monitoring is easy. Simply contact s to schedule a consultation. Our experts will assess your needs and recommend the best solution for you. 

Don’t leave your security to chance. Join the thousands of satisfied customers who have entrusted their safety with A1 Security Solutions.

Multipath P2 – Single Sim with 12 Hour Polling


$ 35
per month (ex. GST)
  • P2 Premium Direct Debit

Multipath P2 – Single Sim with 12 Hour Polling


$ 25
per month (ex. GST)
  • P2 Premium Direct Debit

Multi path P9 – Dual Sim with 1 Hour Polling


$ 45
per month (ex. GST)
  • P9 Premium Direct Debit

IP Ethernet P6 – with 12 Hour Polling


$ 30
per month (ex. GST)
  • P6 Premium Direct Debit

IP Ethernet P11 – with 1 Hour Polling


$ 40
per month (ex. GST)
  • P11 Premium Direct Debit
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