Keeping your security systems running, preventing failure

The Australian Standards recommend the servicing of a security system once a year

Improve Reliability

Increase Lifetime

Reduce False Alarms

Optimise Equipment

Eliminate Faults

Update Security Risks


Systems check and scan for bad sectors and errors. Eliminating any faults within the system.


We bring the latest system and firmware updates. To assure our customers are ahead of the game. Unlocking new features and bug fixes. This is a good time to request any system changes, like user codes, password changes, mobile phone access and training.

Keeping you informed of the latest technology the security industry has to offer. If we see something that can be updated, A1S has the solutions.


A scheduled system audit will help identify, damaged or obstructed devices and potential security risks where the system has or could be compromised. Complete with full system testing to assure a fully functioning system. Don’t assume your system is always working, organise self-system checks or take advantage of our preventative maintenance service to reduce any downtime, and remain safe and secure at all times.

Check out our preventative maintenance quick guides for more information:


  • A service report will be supplied to document:

    -What has been done

    -Full system review

    -Inspection notes

    -Documentation for present and future reference.


Preventative Maintenance will decrease downtime due to unexpected equipment failures. Environmental factors can take a toll on your security devices and decrease reliability. A scheduled maintenance and clean is important to sustain optimal performance all day, every day. Minor repairs and maintenance can be carried out such as:

  • Replacing devices that have been damaged.
  • Removal of environmental elements affecting your shots or detection areas.
  • Devices, enclosures and PCB’s safely air dusted. This will prolong life, reduce the risk of overheating, preventing a system crash and fire risk, removal of contaminants that may pose a risk in the future.

Benefits of a scheduled preventative maintenance are:

  • Improve Reliability
  • Reduce false alarms
  • Increase Lifetime
  • Optimise Equipment
  • Eliminate Faults
  • Update Security Risks
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