What is Video Verification?

The most popular security system we provide for perimeter protection, Our  Video Verification is an intelligent solution for asset protection. Providing remote, non-contact inspection and detection. Reducing guard call-out fees and false activations. This is the ultimate security solution to capture an event before it has happened. Secure your property with A.I driven analytics.

What are the benefits of securing your property with A.I driven monitored analytics?

Enhanced Security

Virtual patrols allow continuous monitoring of the premises, ensuring enhanced security 24/7. Any suspicious activity can be detected and addressed promptly, preventing potential incidents.


Eliminate the need for physical security guard call-outs on-site round the clock. The monitoring centre is able to log in on activations from targeted areas and verify actual alarm events and take action immediately for a faster response, and reduce those late-night calls.

Apply for virtual patrols

Virtual patrols with multiple cameras, by having the monitoring centre scroll through your perimeter cameras at scheduled times. Providing non-contact inspections and detection.

Deterrent Effect

Visible security cameras act as a deterrent to potential criminals. The knowledge that the area is under constant surveillance discourages trespassing, theft, and vandalism.

Prompt Response Times

The monitoring centre will be in contact with the first responders much faster and give greater detail on the severity of the situation.

Fire Protection

Add a layer of fire protection with thermal cameras that sense objects heat radiation, promoting early fire detection faster than regular smoke detectors.

Back to base CCTV MDS and virtual patrols provide continuous, cost-effective, and efficient security solutions, ensuring a safer environment for businesses and individuals.

Eradicating Patrol Guards with Industry leading technology

Since 1985, A1 Security Solutions has offered premium services tailored to your needs. 

Why choose Virtual Patrols?

Constant Monitoring

Virtual patrols offer 24/7 surveillance without breaks, ensuring continuous security coverage.


Virtual patrols are often more cost-effective as they eliminate the need for on-site personnel, reducing labour costs.

Remote Accessibility

Improving efficiency and enabling quick response to incidents.

Quick Alerts

Virtual patrols provide instant alerts for any suspicious activity, enabling immediate action to be taken


CCTV footage serves as valuable evidence, aiding investigations and providing detailed records of events.


Virtual patrols can cover larger areas without a proportional increase in costs, making them scalable for various-sized properties.

Virtual patrols offer constant monitoring, cost-effectiveness, quick alerts, and scalability. While security guards provide a physical presence, their limitations in coverage, human factors, costs, subjectivity, dependency, and potential biases can make virtual patrols a more favourable option in this day and age especially when comprehensive, consistent, and cost-efficient security solutions are available

Back to base CCTV Video Verification and virtual patrols provide continuous, cost-effective, and efficient security solutions, ensuring a safer environment for businesses and individuals.

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